Nourish International Alumni are young leaders who share a common set of values. They believe in making money and doing good. They believe that community based development practices are the most innovative and adaptive poverty reduction efforts available. The National Office would like to harness this energy and knowledge to furthering Nourish’s mission. How can you do this?

Connect to Nourish:

1) Mentor at the Summer Institute. We had 16 Alumni come back for the 2013 Institute. Alumni mentors are a huge part of making the Institute as awesome as it is – we want you!

2) Mentor a Chapter! Check out our Student page to gain access to Chapter Contact Information. If you live in a city where we have a chapter, attend a chapter meeting or set up a coffee date with their Chapter Leader to pass on your wisdom. If you want to mentor on a specific topic, email to join our database.

3) Stay in touch with the Network. Email when you move or change jobs! We want to know what you’re up to… and not in a creepy way, we promise. National Office staff travels a lot, and we’d love to meet up with you! To do that, we need to know where you are.

4) Want to be featured on our site? We feature alumni frequently. Email if you’re interested. A short bio, answer a few questions and a picture. Bam, you’re famous.

Questions? Reach out to the National Office at


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