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Rice’n'Beans is Nourish International’s Alumni Giving circle. Alumni sign up for $10 or more in recurring donations, which go towards general operating and programmatic costs. As a grassroots organization, Nourish depends on the support of many individuals. Will you join Rice’n'Beans today? 

Ready for more? Upgrade to $50 or more per month and you’re a part of Rice’n'Beans’n'Hot Sauce!

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I give to Nourish because I’ve seen first hand the change that  students and communities can create together and I want to be a part of fostering more of that change.”

-James Dillard, UNC Alumnus


Many thanks to those currently enjoying Rice’n'Beans (and some Hot Sauce!) every month:

Tommy and Sindhura Thekkekandam

James Dillard

Joel Thomas

Chaz Littlejohn

Anna Marie Carr

Kaitlin Gregg

Paul Szurek

Felicia Alexander

Kassie Bryan

Tom Meehan

Alex Borgen

Alex Ahearn

John McCreary