Nourish serves as a platform for students to make a global impact today, while preparing themselves for a lifetime of making a difference.

Our model consists of two phases. First, it engages students in running on-campus social enterprises. Second, it empowers communities by having students invest their profits, time, and skills into community based solutions to poverty.

We seek to provide students with an experiential education curriculum that provides them with a leadership framework, problem solving skills and global citizen perspective.  We recognize that in doing so, students are out in the field in developing nations. Safety is our number one priority and we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our students throughout the year.

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“When Molly got involved at OSU I wholeheartedly embraced the mission: to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty.  Molly jumped right in and came home explaining what the Chapter would be doing for others.  She made it clear that the students would not be just preforming the duties for the organization abroad, but would involve them in the rebuilding process so that they would learn more about sustainability.  Molly has always been a caring and loving young adult but when I heard her speak, as Project Director, about trying to ‘choose’ their destination and how many of the countries were vying for our help, I realized how empathetic and strong she really is.  She handled each case realistically and although she was not able to make the Project to Peru, she made sure the group was well organized and ready to help the villagers build water pipelines for potable water.  The organization has given Molly an inside look at other countries’ obstacles and how we can help make life for them more healthy and safe.  She has truly grown as an individual because of Nourish!” – Mary Miracle, parent of OSU alum and former Nourish Program Associate, Molly Miracle

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