Our mission is to engage students and empower communities to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty.

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International Development + Social Enterprise + Student Leadership Development = The Nourish Approach


Nourish makes an impact in two ways: first, through our Projects, where we invest in long-term, community-based solutions to poverty. Second, through our students, whom we equip with the entrepreneurship, leadership, and cross-cultural skills they need to become lifelong agents of social change.


Nourish International invites college students around the country to be a part of the solution to global poverty, providing them with the training, support and creative space they need to make a difference. Nourish students run small businesses and invest their earnings in sustainable development Projects abroad. Over the summer, Nourish students work alongside partner organizations in the implementation of these Projects.


Our students incubate, launch and scale social businesses on their campuses to fund poverty projects. These social businesses, called Ventures generate a 5:1 return on investment. In 2013, Ventures generated over $100,000. As a result of the first hand business experience Nourish students gain, 98% of students said that their experience with Nourish has better prepared them for their future career.


 To date, our students have invested over $353,000 in our partners in the developing world and completed 85 projects in 28 different countries since 2003.

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