“I have become a part of a great movement, a wonderful community, and the opportunity to do awesome things for the world. I am forever grateful for the skills I have gained and the friends I have made. I left the institute feeling excited and proud to be bringing Nourish to my campus.”

- Jason Allenstein, UC Berkeley Chapter Founder

Thursday July 31 – Monday August 4, 2014

The Nourish International Summer Institute is a rigorous and rewarding 5-day conference that prepares our students for the challenges they’ll face as Chapter members. Through workshops, mentoring, and hands-on training, they’ll learn how to earn money, partner with international communities, and run a successful Nourish Chapter on their campuses in the upcoming year.

Participation in the Institute fully enables Nourish students to hit the ground running as they begin new and exciting adventures in the following year. Training at past Institutes has focused on how to increase the profitability of ventures, maximize your project impact, lead a team, build membership, and more.

We also feature speaker and mentors throughout the Institute. Learn more about our past speakers here.

Register for Summer Institute!


Alumni – Register for Summer Institute!

After you fill out your registration form, make sure to submit your registration payment:

Pay for Your Registration

Take advantage of the Early Bird Registration Discount and get $25 off of your registration before May 15, 2014. Registration fees will be full value ($225) after 5/15/2014.

The National Office is proud to offer a need and merit based scholarship to cover registration and travel costs for Nourish students to attend the Institute.

Apply for a Scholarship

The scholarship application is due May 1, 2014.

Student Testimonials from Summer Institute 2013

“The diversity of the chapter members and speakers was really great. There was truly something different that each person could contribute and the institute really catered to a variety of interests.” 

–Diana Christensen, Duke University Chapter Leader

“The Institute really helped me get into gear of thinking about Nourish and getting in touch with myself about how to go about getting things moving for this year. It also gave me a great outlook for my personal life and even changed the way I think about where I see myself and how I will get there.”

–Jared Staley, Ohio State University Chapter Member and Student Board Member

“The Institute was invaluable for advice and ideas on how to better lead our team and fix any problems that we’ve had in the past.”

–Remy Bremner, University of Pittsburgh Chapter Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

What expenses does my $200 fee cover?

The $200 fee will cover the cost of attending all workshops, speaker sessions and activities. Your fee also covers all lodging, food and transportation to Institute related activities.


Are there any scholarships available for travel or the registration expense?

Yes, Nourish International is extending need-based and merit-based scholarships to students who are interested in attending the Summer Institute. Typically, 35-40% of Institute participants receive some type of scholarship. Email chapters@nourish.org to learn more!


When is the conference?

Representatives are expected by 12pm on Thursday, July 31st. The conference ends at 3pm on Monday, August 4th. Students should plan accordingly when creating travel plans.


What is the easiest way to get to Chapel Hill?

We will provide shuttle pickups from the Raleigh-Durham airport (RDU). In addition to flying, there are buses and trains that go to Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh. If you are located in a major East Coast city, check out MegaBus and Amtrak for alternatives to flying!


Is there a maximum number of representatives per Chapter?

We are hoping for 2 students per Chapter, and will gladly accept more, if space allows!


Who in our Chapter should attend?

We would love to see any member from your Chapter, at any level, at Summer Institute! Many Chapters have used Summer Institute as leadership training for exec board members, incoming Chapter Leaders, Ventures Directors, and International Projects Directors in particular. Rising leaders and members looking to get more involved this upcoming year are also perfect for the Institute. There is something for everyone at the Institute, whether they are most interested in the international project, running ventures, marketing, membership, etc.!