OSU-7-1024x319It’s important for students to be happy and safe while working abroad. Buying Travel Insurance enables that.

The premium ISIC insurance covers tip delay, lost baggage, medical and dental insurance coverage, 24/7 emergency help line with medical, travel, and legal assistance. Additionally, the ISIC card is a globally-recognized form of identification that provides many travel discounts.

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Nourish International Project Interns

ALL Nourish students MUST buy travel insurance through Nourish International in order to work on a Nourish Project. There are no exceptions. We seek to insure the safety of our students through the most affordable plan possible.

We ask that students submit their information for registration 10 weeks before departure date for optimal processing. Students however MUST submit all their information  6 weeks before departure date in order to work on a Nourish Project.

Travel Insurance Registration for a Nourish Project

Student Travelers on non-Nourish trips

ISIC is available to students at or above 13 years of age enrolled in school of any level. You can purchase ISIC insurance through Nourish for your school trip, mission trip, summer abroad and more.

We ask that students submit their information for registration 6 weeks before departure date for optimal processing. You must submit one of the following documents as proof of current student status: course schedule, transcript, or student ID.

Travel Insurance Registration for my own trip

Pay for Insurance


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my travel insurance cost?


A one-time initial premium of $140 provides all the coverage listed above for 12 months and pays for your ISIC.  There are no additional costs to the student. Nourish Project Interns receive a significant discount, the policy costs $125. 

Since Nourish International is able to purchase these policies wholesale, we are able to offer you a discounted price on these insurance plans.  Purchased individually, these plans cost an average of $195 for two months of coverage; your policy costs $140 for 12 months.

How do I buy my travel insurance?


You will be purchasing your policy through the Nourish International National Office.  In order to file for your policy, we require personal information, a passport-sized photo, and an online payment. Click the  button above to start your travel insurance registration.

The photo needs to be a headshot, similar to a driver’s license or passport photo. You can take the picture yourself. Please ensure that the picture is high quality, in color and with a clear picture of your face.

I already have health insurance, do I still need this travel insurance?

All Nourish project interns must buy travel insurance through Nourish International. There are no exceptions. ISIC premium plan travel insurance is required to insure that all project participants are protected in the event of medical expenses, trip delay, lost or stolen personal belongings and more.

If you are traveling independently, purchasing ISIC premium insurance is a valuable supplement to your current health insurance. The benefits provided by the ISIC premium insurance go above and beyond most US health insurance plans or basic plans offered by universities.

I joined the Nourish project late, do I still need travel insurance?

All Nourish project participants must purchase travel insurance regardless of when they decided to go on the project. It is absolutely required. There are no exceptions. Contact us by email, or phone 919-338-2599 if you have any questions.

I attend a different university than the Nourish Chapter running the project and am a project intern. Do I still need travel insurance?


All Nourish project participants must purchase travel insurance regardless of what university you attend. It is absolutely required. There are no exceptions. Contact us by email, or phone 919-338-2599 if you have any questions.

I'm not participating in a Nourish project, but I am looking for international travel insurance to cover a different trip. Can I buy my ISIC insurance through you?


Definitely! Click here to register

What is travel insurance and why do I need it?


The purpose of travel insurance is to mitigate some of the risks of traveling abroad by transferring the responsibility of unforeseen costs to an insurance company.  For a one-time premium payment, you are covered for 1 full year in the event of an accident, lost luggage, and other travel disasters.  More information from STA travel on the necessity of buying travel insurance please visit

What costs are covered by ISIC travel insurance?


Travel Insurance will cover you in the event of:

  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost luggage and personal effects
  • Lost travel documents
  • Trip delay

Under this plan, you are provided with worldwide travel and medical assistance via a special 24/7 hotline.  Additionally, you will also receive an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which offers numerous discounts and benefits.

The ISIC Premimum Plan benefits include:

    • $100,000 in Medical Expenses$500 in Emergency Dental$500,000 in Emergency Evacuation$500 in Travel Delay$1500 in Trip Interruption$200 in Baggage Delay$2,000 in Baggage and Personal Effects (inc. travel documents)$50,000 in Repatriation of Remains$25,000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment- All Other$100,000 in Air Flight AccidentTravel Medical Assistance includedWorldwide Travel Assistance included

This plan requires no deductible, meaning that if one of these events occur, you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.  The only cost to you is the plan premium, which is the one-time fee paid before your trip.

What does the ISIC card do?


The ISIC also provides:

      • Discounts to more than 33,000 locations in 103 countries
      • Internationally accepted proof of student status
      • Emergency help line